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Essex County Council provides grant to O5BM

2 months ago

06 June 2024

We’re proud to announce that we have received funding from @Essex_CC through their #PHAB programme! Essex County Council is one of the largest local authorities in England employing over 7,500 people.

This is going to allow us to deliver targeted mental health education and information to the Over 50s black male population living in Essex through conventional workshops and culturally focused seminar.

Since it was founded in 2018, the Over 50s Black Men (O5BM) Forum has sought to reduce health inequalities found in the community through educational support and projects to aid person centred empowerment.

Chidi Umeano, the Partnership and Engagement Manager at The Over 50s Black Men Forum, said: “we engage black medical professionals in the provision of group and person-centred services. The benefit of delivering health services by experts, with same lived experiences as the community they are addressing cannot be measured by any monetary value.

I look forward to supporting our mission of addressing health inequalities by breaking barriers and stigma that older black men face in accessing health care and support services”.

Enitan Kane, the Chairperson at The Over 50s Black Men Forum, said: “We are glad that @Essex_CC through their #PHAB programme! are supporting us to deliver this significant project.

We have gained experience and traction in the provision of General, Mental and Physical health to the older Black Men community across Essex, Bedfordshire and Hampshire.

Our approach of using cultural methodology alongside conventional methodology enables us to establish NHS referral pathways that ensure our community members can be directed to appropriate services based on their needs and understanding of the cultural context, which contributes to better outcomes”.

Thank you again to @Essex_CC for supporting our community.

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