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O5BM Health Webinar with Anthony Nolan – “Blood & Stem Treatment”

1 year ago


Health Webinar – “Understanding Blood & STEM Donations”


Health inequalities faced by the black community is sometimes due to our own ignorance or lack of information.

As representative of the Over 50s Black Men community, we are Grandfathers, Fathers and Uncles, it is our duty to learn and understand more, so that we can better inform, educate, and address health inequalities in our community.

Let us grab this opportunity to ask the tough questions of the organisations talking to/educating our children and grandchildren at thier schools/universities/online.

Let them hear the voices of the black Fathers and Grandfathers.

Date: 25th of June 2023

Time: 15:00-16:00 (UK)

Venue: Zoom details:

Meeting ID: 839 1606 1977  Passcode: 354330

Guest Host/Presenter: Alice Hirst from Anthony Nolan



  • Black patients are significantly over-represented on the transplant list, accounting for 11 percent of those waiting for an organ compared with 2.5 percent of the whole UK population
  • The ratio of patients waiting for a lifesaving transplant to organ donors is 10 times higher for black people than for white people. (From NHS Blood and Transplant).
  • In 2021, 20 black people donated organs after they died, and 25 black people donated a kidney as a living donor. In contrast there are 630 black patients in need of a lifesaving transplant.
  • That Blood or Stem cell transplant can offer a second chance of life to people with blood cancers and blood disorders?


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